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Pyronix WE Wireless Remote Keypad White

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  • Manufactured by: Pyronix
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Using the Enforcer two way wireless technology the new Euro remote keypad combines the same high performance and security as the Euro wired keypads with the same ease of installation as the Enforcer wireless range. 

The Enforcer wireless keypad comes complete with system status indicators allowing you to see the status of your system without having to go to the panel. The LEDRKP-WE has an integrated proximity tag reader.

LEDRKP-WE only compatible with Enforcer32-WE V9.5 and Enforcer HomeControl+ V2.1 and above.

Enforcer 2 way wireless technology with high security encryption

The two way wireless protocol has been developed by Pyronix to ensure that the communication between all wireless system components is protected on a very high security level. The protocol uses the 128 bit Pyronix advanced encryption.

Entry and exit tones

Keypad controlled outputs

Wired automation outputs can be triggered on the panel for example opening electrical gates, lighting, garage doors.

Instant two way device control (ITDC)

The ITDC technology enables instant wake up and instant sleep of each device on the system, allowing continuous communication between the control panel and wireless devices while preserving battery power. This technology not only provides installers with total control of each device, but also gives users peace of mind that they have a reliable and secure wireless system.
- Ensuring that all wireless detection devices know when the system is armed and disarmed.
- Ensuring that they are awake as soon as the system is armed.

Signal strength indicator

One of the key advantages of implementing of the SSI technology is to allow the installer to view the wireless transmission signal strength on both the control panel and wireless devices in real time.

3V lithium battery included



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