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SNT Data Link Viewer and Sender

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  • Model: Data-Link
  • Shipping Weight: 2kgs
  • Manufactured by: SNT
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Data-Link™ Viewer & Sender

One of a family of fine products, the DATA LINK can send high quality CCTV signals with a protocol independent RS485 half duplex data stream and configurable alarm data channel (not just contact closure and can cope with multiple inputs) all on ONE coaxial cable. 12 volt DC power for cameras and accessories is also provided down the SAME coaxial cable.

SNT’s Data Link System allows one coaxial cable to be used for the simultaneous conveyance of a high quality video channel, RS485 data channel, alarm signal data channel, status monitor channel and DC power in real time.

Data Link assures excellent signal quality, irrespective of distance, thanks to the unique fully automatic equalization and correction system. Operating distances may be up to 600 metres whilst providing 12V DC power to the camera. The half duplex RS485 channel may be utilised for remote camera set-up/adjustment, access control etc.

Comprising of two main parts; the remote unit (sender) is connected to the camera and local unit (viewer) is connected to the control operating system.

Data Link provides the innovation, simple installation and excellent picture quality that you expect from SNT products. Data Link has complete power and misconnection protection circuitry and eliminates and protects from hum interference and ground loop problems.

Data-Link™ Specification





Viewer Input Voltage

40 volts DC from | AC Adaptor | 100-240 volts AC | 47 - 62 Hz

Sender Output

12 volts DC @ 1 amp

Overvoltage, Overcurrent, Short, Open, Misconnection Detection Circuitry.

Gas and silicon over-voltage protection devices fitted to both Sender and Viewer Link connectors

Video Signal

Channels and Standards


Response and Noise

5 Hz - 6 MHz | s/n > 54dB

Input/Output Level

1V p-p

Input/Output Impedance

75 Ω unbalanced

Overall Gain


Data Signal

Standarts Supported

RS485, Half Duplex, 2-wire | Data Rate up to 38,400bps

Alarm Signal

Number of Channels


Alarm Input Type

Normally Open, Normally Closed or, | Selection via Independent external switches

Impedance Bridge (1k Ω term) on Sender unit

Alarm Output Type

Normally Open, Normally Closed | User selectable via dry relay

Link Status Signal

Parameters Monitored

Power, System, Link fail. | Automatic continuous monitoring

Alarm Output Type

Normally Open, Normally Closed | User selectable via dry relay


Video/ DC Link


Alarm out| Status | Data In/Out

3 Pin removable Phoenix connector 2.55mm pitch

Alarm In/DC Out

4 Pin removable Phoenix connector 2.55mm pitch



Standby - Red

Operating - Green

Link initializing - Yellow

Link fail - flashing Yellow

Operate - Red

Power Camera - Green

Power Low* - Yellow

Power Fail* - Flashing Yellow/Green

Alarm - Red


*Yellow for 5 secs whilst establishing connection with Sender.

*Power Low - CAUTION output <12 volts

*Power Fail - WARNING Excessive load on output Remove immediatly



Operating Temperature Range -5 C to +55 C

Operating Humidity Range 20 – 90% relative non - considering


100L x 75W x 26H | Weight 200 gm

100L X 75W X 26H | Weight 210 gm

PSU 143L x 72W x 42H | Weight 430 gm




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