UTC Wireless Photo-electric Smoke Detector 868mhz


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The TX-6212-03-1is a wireless photo-electric smoke sensor with a built-in sensitivity meter monitoring continuous its own operational status and provides a visual trouble condition if it drifts out of the sensitivity range or fails internal diagnostics.
The alarm sensitivity level can be determined at the alarm without a meter. Built-in drift compensation, usually only available
in analog systems, allows the alarm to adjust automatically its sensitivity over time as it becomes dirty. This feature dramatically increases the time between cleanings and reduces false alarms.
A built-in 85 dB sounder is ideal for residential installations and other occupancies where people are sleeping.
Once a day and immediately upon the first power up, the alarm performs a full diagnostic test that includes a dynamic test of the sensing chamberand internal electronics.

Standard Features
  • Learn-Mode Technology 

  • Sensor tamper switch

  • Built-in sounder for alarm

  • Visual status LED

  • CleanMe(c) signal

  • Maintenance alert

  • Low battery signal

  • Replaceable optical chamber

  • CPD certified 1134-CPD-039

  • Compliant to EN14604:2005/AC:2008

  • Model: TX-6212-03-1
  • Shipping Weight: 1 kgs
  • Manufactured by: UTC
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