Pyronix 4 Button two-way Wireless Keyfob with Status LED's

Two Way Wireless Keyfob

Product Features
  • 4 Buttons & 8 Functions
  • Simple and easy way to set and unset your system
  • Add wired automation
  • View system status
  • Enforcer high security encryption
  • Complies with EN50131-1

Panel Type: Domestic & Commercial

The KF4-WE key fob not only allows you to set and unset your alarm but can also be used as a panic button, controls wired automation, and gives a visual representation of the security system status.  

An emergency signal or panic button can be programed to sounds the alarm if help is needed, and if you have a monitoring contract with your security system, it will notify them that you are in need of help. 

With the KF4-WE key fob you can program wired automation such as blinds, gated or garage doors which can trigger at the push of a button. 

Multiple KF4-WE wireless keyfobs can be added to a system and easily removed if they have been lost or are no longer required. They are ideal for giving to a trusted neighbor, family member or child so they don't have to have the code and if lost they can be removed from the system quickly and easily. 

There is also the option to have different functions per keyfob so you don't have to give access to the whole property making they ideal if you want to give someone access to certain areas areas of the property whilst restricting others. for example if you would like your gardener to have access to the garage but not the rest of the house you can set it so he can only unset the alarm from that area. 

4 Button 8 Function Keyfob with Enforcer Two-Way Wireless Technology. The 4 buttons can be configured for single buttons and combining 2 butons.

Actions can be set to show status, set area, unset area, latch output, timed output and personal attack.

Old Part code KF4 WE


  • Model: KEYFOB-WE
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5 kgs
  • Manufactured by: Pyronix
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