CQR Orion Back Plate (Twin Piezo) Grade 3

Orion External Sounder

The Orion is a low profile external sounder and comes in two versions, Vertical and Horizontal. The backplate is made from 3mm polycarbonate and has adjustable wall mountings to allow for the movement of the fixing holes when installing. Moulded into the backplate are two knockout spacers (2mm & 4mm) for use on uneven surfaces. The cover is also made from 3mm polycarbonate and comes complete with either one or two lenses depending on the version. The special hinged flush fitting covers conceal the cover screws.
An internal 1.5mm polycarbonate cover further protects the electronics. Access to the 45o terminals is gained via a small clip-on-cover with guides to aid the wiring. The vertical version has one strobe, while the horizontal has two strobes. Both versions have RED and GREEN comfort LEDs which flash at 1Hz and also act as diagnostic indicators. The fail-safe timer is set to 15 minutes. Also included in the electronics is a selectable SAB/SCB option where current draw is required to be lower e.g. multi bell systems. The Piezo gives an output of 115dB(A) @ 1 metre. A three way tamper switch protects the sounder, providing detection against removal from wall, cover opening and cover screw removal.
The Orion also has trigger wire monitoring to ensure that the integrity of the trigger wire is maintained, in the event of the trigger wire being cut or removed this will be reported via the fault output. Also included is a test input to allow for remote testing of the unit and is used in conjunction with the fault output to report the status of the Orion during remote testing.

  • EN50131-1:2006+A1:2009 Grade 3

  • Full polycarbonate dual skin construction

  • Twin cover screws

  • Enclosed electronics

  • SAB/SCB option

  • Trigger wire monitoring option

  • Green tamper LED

  • Red Hold-off LED

  • Rotating Fixing points

  • Integral cable clamp


Red Cover


White Cover Blue Blue Lens


Dummy Backplate


Grade 3 Backplate Twin Piezo


Grade 2 Backplate Single Piezo


Grade 3 Backplate Single Piezo


White Cover Opal Opal Lens


White Cover White Blue Lens


White Cover White Opal Lens

Image of both Vertical and Horizontal Sounders

  • Model: BCORI/H/PLUS/G3
  • Shipping Weight: 0.8 kgs
  • Manufactured by: CQR
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