Vanderbilt 12m Quad Element Grade 2 Pet Wireless PIR

Vanderbilt’s WPIR and WPIR-CRT seamlessly blend style and security resulting in a class leading product. These devices have a detection range of 12 meters and can be configured for use in any environment, establishing the highest security protection.

The devices are easy to mount, easy to pair, and easy to configure, ensuring installation time is minimized. In addition, both devices use enhanced, low current RF technology that provides superior communication and ensures long battery life.

  • 12m detection coverage
  • Adjustable settings for installation in any environment
  • EN Grade 2 approved
  • PET immunity up to 25kg (WPIR)

Superior RF and battery performance:

Long battery life With high performance Lithium batteries and APS (Automatic Power Save) technology the WPIR and WPIR-CRT detectors have a battery life of 5 years. Long RF range 500m open air range means that a single transceiver can cover the majority of installations

Quick installation and configuration:

Easy to mount The WPIR device supports both corner and flat mounting with full tamper support. The WPIR-CRT device can also be mounted using a bracket for optimum placement or using high performance adhesive for quick installation.

Easy to pair Smart Pairing mechanism allows the device to pair with the SPC transceiver in seconds.

Key features include: Automatic pairing on battery insertion LED guided Enrolment LED guided Walktest Easy to configure The WPIR and WPIR-CRT devices are entirely firmware configurable ‘over-the-air’ and contain no mechanical dip switches. Configurable features include: Sensitivity PET Immunity Supervision time LED behaviour

Battery Type Lithium 3V battery type CR123 / Size 2/3AA

Battery Life 5 years

Range in open space > 500 m

Current Draw Standby ~11 µA Receive mode ~24 mA Transmit mode ~45 mA

Transmit power ~ 14dBm Automatic 

Power Saving (APS) Yes

Panel must be v3.9.1 firmware

  • Model: WPIR
  • Shipping Weight: 0.9 kgs
  • Manufactured by: Siemens/Vanderbilt
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