Elmdene Multipurpose Relay 12V Operation

Very useful device that provides two sets of relay changeover contacts capable of being driven from a normal 12 or 24V supply or a low current source.


  • 12V and 24V Models
  • 2 x Independant Changeover Contacts - Com/NO/NC
  • Trigger Selection Option (JP1)
  • JP1 On - Relay switches on application of supply
  • JP1 Off - Relay switches on application of +V low current trigger


  • MPR001 - 12V Operation
  • MPR002 - 24V Operation

Specification - MPR001 / MPR002

  • Supply     12V dc  /  24V dc
  • Maximum Switched Load     1A @ 24V dc or 0.5A @ 125V ac
  • Low Current Trigger Input     12V dc @ 1mA  /  24V dc @2.5mA
  • Dimensions     72L x 26W x 20D
  • Model: MPR001
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5 kgs
  • Manufactured by: Elmdene
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