Visonic Miniature Pendant PowerCode Wireless Transmitter 433mhz

Miniature Pendant Transmitters - Obsolete

WT-201A miniature 12-bit pendant transmitter designed for emergency and remote control applications in wireless security and remote control systems.


When activated, the WT-201A transmits a 12-bit message, selected by an internal DIP switch from 256 possible combinations. To assure reliable operation, an LED lights during transmission indicating that the battery is in good condition. An easy-to-use 4-channel selector enables users to program the transmitter to activate any one of the receiver's four outputs.


For maximum wearing flexibility, the WT-201A pendant is supplied with a neck-chain and a key-ring clip.  This comfortable and attractive miniature pendant is compatible with Visonic wireless receivers of the WR-200 and WR-300 series and other 12-bit devices. It is available in two frequency bands to comply with international standards, and are approved for use in most countries.

WT-201A Features:

    * Single button programmable to activate any one of the receiver's 4 outputs
    * Comfortable miniature attractive design
    * Superior transmission range
    * 12 V standard alkaline battery
    * Visible low battery indication
    * Neck-chain and key-ring wearing accessories included
    * Available in two optional frequencies in compliance with international standards
    * Compatible with all Visonic WR-200/WR-300 wireless receivers and 12-bit
      wireless devices

  • Model: WT-201
  • Shipping Weight: 0.1 kgs
  • Manufactured by: Visonic
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