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Have found Security Warehouse to be very helpful, getting in special order items, combining orders etc.
I would have no problem recommending them to others

-James Nealon
Excellent Company with Excellent…

Excellent Company with Excellent Service and Excellent Products

-Philip Allen

Ordered, delivered, installed, everybody happy.
Will use again. Highly recommend.

-Dan McAllister

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Wireless IA

Wireless Control Panels, detectors etc
Visonic MC-302V Vanashing Contact White
£26.00 Ex VAT
MC-302V PG2 MC-302V PG2 is an extremely small and thin wireless magnetic contact transmitter, designed primarily for protecting doors and windows....
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Visonic Advanced Wireless PowerCode Breakglass Detector
£55.70 Ex VAT
Glass-break Detector MCT-501 Advanced Wireless PowerCode Glass-break Detector MCT-501 is a fully supervised digital glass-break wireless detector...
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£84.42 Ex VAT
8 Channel Narrow Band Expander for 768R Series [ 769reur-50] Overview: The ultra-reliable and highly secure 768 narrow band receiver enables you...
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Visonic Powermaster Vibration Sensor SD-304 Brown
£35.00 Ex VAT
Wireless, PowerG Shock Detector with Auxiliary Input The innovative SD-304 PG2 wireless shock detector provides perimeter protection for residential...
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Scantronic 792REUR-00 1/4 Wave Aerial
£20.29 Ex VAT
Indoor 1/4 Wave Antenna 703R and 790R [792reur-00] Antennae for 700R:  Connection via BNC socket 1/4 wave antenna for use with 703reur-00 TX and...
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Visonic MCX-8 extending outputs on MCR-308
£24.99 Ex VAT
Adds 8 outputs to the MCR-308 receiver. up to 3 units can be added to each.
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Visonic Natural Gas Detector GSD-441 PG2
£70.00 Ex VAT
PowerG Wireless Natural Gas (Methane CH4) Detector GSD-441 PG2 wireless natural gas detector provides rapid warnings about leaks of natural gas...
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Honeywell Le Sucre/Domonial Wireless Internal Sounder
£79.00 Ex VAT
This Siren is compatible with Domonial and Le Sucre security systems. Sounds levels range from 95 - 120dBA and the product includes both front and...
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Secware Primary lithium battery LS 14250 3.6 V 1/2AA Size
£3.26 Ex VAT
Primary lithium battery LS 14250 3.6 V Primary lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) High energy
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Visonic PowerMaster 10 Pro Fit Kit
£241.40 Ex VAT
PowerG Compact Two-way Wireless Intrusion Alarm System PowerMaster-10® G2 introduces a new era in intrusion alarm systems, literally redefining...
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Visonic Wireless CodeSecure Keyfob Transmitter
£14.99 Ex VAT
Wireless CodeSecure Keyfob Transmitter MCT-234 is a 4-button miniature wireless CodeSecure™ keyfob transmitter designed for arming and...
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Texecom Premier Elite DT-W Wireless Dual Technology Detector
£61.49 Ex VAT
Premier Elite DT-W Wireless Dual Technology Detector     * 15m Volumetric Coverage     * Digital Temperature...
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New Products For January - Intruder Alarm

Visonic Wall Mount Bracket for PIR Detectors
£2.91 Ex VAT
BR-1 Wall Mount Bracket for PIR Detectors BR-1 is a universal wall mount bracket that accommodate most of the PIR detectors produced by Visonic...
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Visonic Two-way Keyfob MCT 237
£23.99 Ex VAT
Two-way Keyfob MCT-237 Wireless CodeSecure Two-way Keyfob Transmitter MCT-237 is a 6-button miniature wireless two-way keyfob with an icon-based...
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Visonic Ceiling Mount Bracket for PIR Detectors
£2.92 Ex VAT
BR-3 Ceiling Mount Bracket for PIR Detectors BR-3 is a universal ceiling mount bracket that accommodate most of the PIR detectors produced by...
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Visonic GSM 200 with GPRS Connectivity
£116.32 Ex VAT
GSM-200 with GPRS ConnectivityInternal GSM/GPRS Module for PowerMaxPro The GSM-200 is a cellular communication module that connects the PowerMax
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Visonic PowerMax Pro Kit
£168.99 Ex VAT
Obsolete   Advanced Home Security for the Broadband Era PowerMaxPro is an all-in-one wireless home security system that brings an entirely new...
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Visonic GSM 350 with GPRS Connectivity
£104.99 Ex VAT
GSM-350 with GPRS Connectivity Internal GSM/GPRS Module for PowerMax Systems GSM-350 is a cellular communication module that connects some of the...
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Visonic Waterproof PowerCode Wrist Transmitter
£28.99 Ex VAT
Wrist MCT-211 Waterproof PowerCode Wrist Transmitter Waterproof PowerCode Wrist Transmitter MCT-211 is a PowerCode™ miniature waterproof...
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Visonic Powermax Complete/ PowerMaster 30 Expander Module
£18.58 Ex VAT
Enables the addition for one PGM output, two additional hardwired zones, one wired siren output and Speech Box interface.
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Visonic Twin-button Hand-held PowerCode Wireless Transmitter
£25.85 Ex VAT
Twin Button MCT-124 Twin-button Operated Hand-held PowerCode Wireless Transmitter Twin-button Operated Hand-held PowerCode Wireless Transmitter...
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