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Have found Security Warehouse to be very helpful, getting in special order items, combining orders etc.
I would have no problem recommending them to others

-James Nealon
Excellent Company with Excellent…

Excellent Company with Excellent Service and Excellent Products

-Philip Allen

Ordered, delivered, installed, everybody happy.
Will use again. Highly recommend.

-Dan McAllister

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Vibration Detectors

Shock and Vibration detectors, safe limpets etc
Texecom IMPAQPlusBR
£8.74 Ex VAT
Digital shock sensor with advanced signal processing. Tri-colour LED indication guarantees correct sensitivity whilst microprocessor control provides...
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Viper VBox
£11.40 Ex VAT
V-Box Heavy Duty Enclosure For GL/GLX, Wall/Ceiling Mount
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Texecom IMPAQe Shock Sensor
£6.73 Ex VAT
Veritas Impaq E, Shock Sensor Intelligent Perimeter Protection (White) [AEA-0001] The Texecom Impaq E security solution delivers exceptional...
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Aritech GS710 Shock Sensor
£16.16 Ex VAT
The GS710 shock sensor offers a versalite solution for detection of forced entry through windows, doors, walls and roofs. It can be mounted...
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Aritech Shock Sensor - Brown
£16.16 Ex VAT
GS710B, Shock Sensor (Brown) The GS710 shock sensor offers a versatile solution for detection of forced entry through windows and doors. It can be...
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Aritech Inertia shock sensor - White
£13.82 Ex VAT
Inertia shock sensor designed for use with 10 to 15 VDC analyzer modules, with reed switch, white. The GS600 series sensors are highly reliable...
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Aritech GS614 Single zone analyzer
£29.33 Ex VAT
The Sentrol GS614 and GS615 Shock Sensor Analyzers work in conjunction with the inertia shock sensors GS600, GS610, & GS611. The analyzer is...
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UTC TX-5011-03-1 - Shock sensor 868 MHz Gen2, white
£39.90 Ex VAT
Description Shock Sensor RF868 MHz Gen 2 The shock sensor detects vibrations made by an intruder trying to break a window or a door. Used in...
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Risco ShockTec Plus Grade 3
£12.94 Ex VAT
RISCO (RK601SMG3), ShockTec Plus Grade 3 Digital shock detector Grade 3 with magnetic contact · Digital Microprocessor with intelligent...
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Texecom IMPAQPlus
£8.25 Ex VAT
Impaq Plus Shock Sensor Grade 2 (AEB-0001) Exceptional performance combined with class-leading false alarm immunity ensures the Impaq Seriesof shock...
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CQR Trapper Shock Sensor White
£19.79 Ex VAT
The CQR Trapper uses the well proven mass inertia shock module sensor module, giving superior stability and performance over all building materials....
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Texecom Impaq-W Wireless Magnetic Contact GBC-0001
£33.74 Ex VAT
Impaq Contact-W Wireless Magnetic Contact Specifications # Mesh Network Wireless Technology # Includes 2 Optional Hard Wired Inputs # Typical 2 to 3...
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