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Pyronix Deltabell cover for Screen Printing

£3.49 Ex VAT

  • Model: FPDELTA-CW
  • Shipping Weight: 1kgs
  • Manufactured by: Pyronix
  • Online

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Pyronix Deltabell Cover White.

Can be used with the Deltabell E, Deltabell X, and the Deltabell Plus.

Minimum order 40 for silk screening.
NB if order for screening please contact to advise via our ticket support system, please be advised this includes two colours only

*if you require more than 2 colours addtional colours would need to be purchased via the following part number [FPDELTA-Colour]


In line with the change to the Deltabell X Lightbox, there are some modifications to the Deltabell cover which we’re making over the next few months to make installation easier.
Whilst we flush through existing stock of Deltabell Lids, there may be a cross over period between the new moulded plastic cover and the current one. With that in mind, if you do have the previous covers, and wish to fit a new lightbox to it, then there is a plastic snap-tab which needs to be removed on the back of the cover, which is easily done with a pair of pliers.
Position of snap-tab in the white Deltabell Cover when used with new style lightbox

The new Deltabell X Lightbox is compatible with all previous Deltabell X modules.
Part numbers which will be changed

The affected part numbers are:
The order codes for these parts are not changing, and there will be a seamless switchover from one build standard to the other.

The new Deltabell X Lightbox is in distribution now.


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