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Have found Security Warehouse to be very helpful, getting in special order items, combining orders etc.
I would have no problem recommending them to others

-James Nealon
Excellent Company with Excellent…

Excellent Company with Excellent Service and Excellent Products

-Philip Allen

Ordered, delivered, installed, everybody happy.
Will use again. Highly recommend.

-Dan McAllister

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Wireless Movement Detector

Motion detection is the process of detecting a change in position of an object relative to its surroundings or the change in the surroundings relative to an object wirelessly.

Texecom Premier Compact XT-W Wireless Digital PIR
£29.94 Ex VAT
Wireless digital PIR with Ricochet mesh technology The Premier Compact-W series takes residential wireless detection to the next level. By combining...
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Aritech Wireless PIR Motion Sensor, 868 MHz GEN2
£49.16 Ex VAT
TX-2211-03-1, Wireless PIR Motion Sensor, 868 MHz GEN2 This wireless passive infrared motion sensor is equipped with a precision "Gliding Focus...
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Pyronix Wireless 12m Digital Dual Detector
£32.44 Ex VAT
Two Way Wirless 12m Digital PIR 12m Volumetric detection Dual element pyro-electric sensor Blue wave technology Digital temperature compensation ...
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Texecom Premier Compact Wireless Pet Detector [PW-W]
£31.97 Ex VAT
Ricochet wireless technology   Introducing the next generation of wireless security, Texecom's new RICOCHET mesh networking wireless...
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UTC Wireless 12m PIR
£63.00 Ex VAT
Proven mirror optics inside to get a dense coverage pattern Selectable coverage pattern using mirror masks Full under crawl detection ...
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Vanderbilt Quad Element, Grade 2, Pet, Wireless PIR
£49.37 Ex VAT
Overview: Vanderbilt’s WPIR and WPIR-CRT seamlessly blend style and security resulting in a class leading product. These devices have a...
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Visonic Wireless Ceiling-Mount 360 PIR Detector MP-862 PG2
£58.12 Ex VAT
The PowerG Wireless 360o Ceiling-mount PIR Detector is a superior motion detector that provides end-users with complete 360o security coverage from...
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Optex Wireless masthead receiver with realy output
£263.12 Ex VAT
Description Luminite wireless masthead receiver with realy output Features Wireless masthead receiver with realy output
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Optex, FTN-RAM, Compact Battery Operated Outdoor PIR
£80.21 Ex VAT
OPTEX, FTN-RAM, Compact Battery Operated Outdoor PIR with Active IR AntiMasking Description Baterry operated, compact outdoor detector for...
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Texecom Prestige XT-W Wireless Digital PIR GBA-0001
£45.49 Ex VAT
Prestige XT-W Wireless Digital PIR Specifications  Mesh Network Wireless Technology 15m Volumetric Coverage Typical 2 to 3 Year Battery Life ...
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OPTEX BXS-RAM 24m Narrow Area Outdoor PIR Battery White
£115.50 Ex VAT
OPTEX, BXS-RAM[W], 24m Narrow Area Outdoor PIR Battery-Powered with Antimasking - White The BX Shield is a series of curtain outdoor motion...
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£34.99 Ex VAT
Battery operated, long range PIR Detector 11x11m or 1.7x17m 5 years warranty. The warranty policy shall not applied in case of misuse, improper...
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