Honeywell PIR Long Range Motion Sensor - 30m


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New IS2500 series consists of a complete range of easy-to-install motion sensors featuring reliable detection. We further improved the catch performance and false alarm immunity to maximise reliability. This fully featured IS25100TC offers a few features more compared to the IS2500T series. First of all it has a remote LED enable input so you can activate the LED with a simple command from the control panel.

Furthermore, it offers alarm memory which, in combination with the arm/disarm input offer the possibility to indicate an alarm after the system was disarmed. And last but not least: This sensor conforms to European standards EN 50131-1 and TS 50141-2-2 Grade 2 Environmental Class II. Sleek and attractive, all IS2500 sensors share the same family look.

Key Features:

  • Range: 30 x 6m (25 x 5 m) in TS50131-2-2 and T014 installations)
  • Global compliance: meets many of the world motion sensor standards Including the European TS 50131-2-2 Grade 2, Class II
  • Fully featured version: include remote LED enable and an alarm memory
  • Easy installation: 45° terminal blocks, EOL terminals
  • Automatic walktest
  • Selectable sensitivity: 4 settings to adapt to the environment
  • Flexible mountings: wall and corner mount breakout holes available. Or use the SMB10 bracket range (swivel, ceiling, tampered)
  • False alarm immunity: designed to meet tough false alarm standards. A microprocessor helps to separate false alarms from real alarms
  • Advanced Dual slope temperature compensation
  • Large wiring channel on back to allow surface wiring
  • Sabotage-resistant lens design
  • Patented look-down mirror provides optimum detection directly beneath the sensor
  • Tamper switch: Is activated before access is possible
  • White Light Immunity of minimum 6500 Lux reduces the chance of false activation
  • Bug guard prevents insects to access the sensor optics which reduces the chance of false activation
  • Silent relay allows if to be used in quiet environments
  • Model: IS25100TC
  • Shipping Weight: 1 kgs
  • Manufactured by: Honeywell
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