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Security Warehouse

Have found Security Warehouse to be very helpful, getting in special order items, combining orders etc.
I would have no problem recommending them to others

-James Nealon
Excellent Company with Excellent…

Excellent Company with Excellent Service and Excellent Products

-Philip Allen

Ordered, delivered, installed, everybody happy.
Will use again. Highly recommend.

-Dan McAllister

Movement Detectors

All movement detectors.

Featured Products - Movement Detectors

Takex Pulnix Wide Angle Dual PIR
£10.65 Ex VAT
Obsolete Memory control, remote led control, Signal count, led disable, low voltage alarm, S.P.S.T. (lb) alarm output TAKEX newly developed 4-bit...
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New Products For October - Movement Detectors

Visonic Motion Detector Next PG2 PowerG Wireless k9-85 Pet
£45.98 Ex VAT
Obsolete - Available while stock last Alternative click here Motion Detector Next PG2 PowerG Wireless Digital PIR Detector Next PG2 is a two-way...
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Visonic Curtain PIR Detector Clip PowerG Ultra-small Wireless
£41.41 Ex VAT
Curtain PIR Detector Clip PG2 PowerG Ultra-small Wireless Curtain Detector Clip PG2 is a compact, elegant wireless curtain-type PIR detector designed...
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Risco iWise Dual Tech Pet Immune 11m
£25.78 Ex VAT
Obsolete iWISE is RISCO Group’s field proven detector series with Anti-Cloak Technology for detecting cloaked intruders and for heat waves and...
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Rokonet Meteor Curtain PIR 12m
£10.12 Ex VAT
Obsolete Easy to Install PIR Detector for Curtain Applications (RK508) The MeTEOR passive infrared detector, with its novel lens and spacious...
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Rokonet Industrial LuNAR G3 Dual Tec
£62.95 Ex VAT
As the only ceiling mount detector with Anti-Cloak Technology, it detects intruder camouflage attempts and delivers the highest performance level -...
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Rokonet ZoDiac PRO
£7.98 Ex VAT
The ZoDIAC PRO detector provides full 12m x 12m (40ft x 40ft) coverage with excellent false alarm immunity. Obsolete Alternative Click Here
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Guardall DT15 Dual Technology Detector
£24.03 Ex VAT
The Performance Line is the line of legacy Guardall motion sensors (PQ15 and DT15 series) and both are intended for the protection of residential and...
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Pyronix Wireless 12m Digital Dual Detector KX12DQ-WE
£36.99 Ex VAT
Two Way Wirless 12m Digital PIR 12m Volumetric detection Dual element pyro-electric sensor Blue wave technology Digital temperature compensation ...
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Risco Digisense ZoDiac Pet PIR 12m
£8.96 Ex VAT
RISCO (RK412PT) Digi-Sense 12m pet immune PIR detector G2 The DigiSense digital detector series is the ideal choice for both commercial and...
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