Scope F-Link Supervised Transceiver System

Signalling between panels can prove to be extremely expensive, particularly if it involves laying underground cables for a hard-wired link. F-Link can provide an easy-to-install wireless solution for a fraction of the cost. Two types of installation are possible:
    * Up to three panels can signal a master with individual identification
    * Up to 16 panels can be linked so that if any panel goes into alarm all the others will follow.
The Scope F-Link system is a four input supervised transceiver which forms part of a linked radio network for remote alerting and status monitoring, typically of fire and security panels
Designed to be an 'off the shelf' product so does not need bespoke factory configuation
Four user-configurable dry-contact inputs and four user-configurable relay outputs plus a 'Link Fail' relay
Employs polling, acknowledge-back and "listen before talk" techniques for robustness and reliability of the radio signals
Standard configuration enables up to 3 'nodes' + a 'master'. Expanded systems of up to 15 nodes are possible
'Signal Jam' and 'Link Fail' indication in addition to received signal strength display
Can be powered from host panel (10V to 30V DC, 500mA minimum supply)
  • Model: F-Link
  • Shipping Weight: 1.5 kgs
  • Manufactured by: Scope
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