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Pyronix Deltabell WE Module

£76.99 Ex VAT

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  • Manufactured by: Pyronix
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Pyronix DELTABELL-WE Wireless Two Way External Bellbox

The Pyronix DELTABELL-WE external bellbox and is a wireless version of the successful Pyronix Deltabell E siren. This clever security product has various engineer features to make installation easier including a special simple levelling component and modular elements now make installing this item of security equipment fast and simple.

The clever three-way tamper control safe guards against attack from the power supply cut off, front and rear. If the Pyronix Deltabell WE drops connection with the Enforcer wireless intruder alarm panel, the single piezo siren will trigger on its own independently.

Utilizing the Pyronix Enforcer two way technology makes certain that the intruder alarm panel and the wireless DELTABELL-WE each know the status of the other and can perform appropriately. Wireless technology also shortens the time needed to install the security product as there a few cables needed.

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