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Rokonet iWise DT 15m
£22.99 Ex VAT
iWIS DT detectors are a true revolution in detector technology due to RISCO Group’s patent-pending ACT™. Available in 10m (33ft), 15m...
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Risco Digisense ZoDiac Pet PIR 12m
£8.96 Ex VAT
RISCO (RK412PT) Digi-Sense 12m pet immune PIR detector G2 The DigiSense digital detector series is the ideal choice for both commercial and...
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Rokonet DT 360 Ceiling Mount Grade 3
£31.17 Ex VAT
The LuNAR DT detector dramatically reduces false alarms via its combination of dual-element passive infrared technology with microwave, both of which...
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Rokonet WatchIN
£75.03 Ex VAT
WatchIN Grade 3 DTAM c/w Standard Swivel and Barrier replacement lens  [RK325DT]   Provides superior catch performance and immunity to...
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Rokonet iWise Quad
£14.49 Ex VAT
The iWISE QUAD AM is the most advanced detector, enabled by digital signal processing, patented True Temperature Compensation and an improved lens...
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Rokonet iWise DT 25m
£39.67 Ex VAT
iWISE DT detectors are a true revolution in detector technology due to RISCO Group's patent-pending ACT and Green Line features. Available in 10m...
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Rokonet Meteor Curtain PIR 12m
£10.12 Ex VAT
Easy to Install PIR Detector for Curtain Applications (RK508) The MeTEOR passive infrared detector, with its novel lens and spacious internal design,...
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Risco Vitron Grade 2 Glass Break Detector
£19.35 Ex VAT
ViTRON detectors employ a Microprocessor-based sound analysis with continuous automatic testing to enhance security and prevent false alarms Obsolete...
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Rokonet ShockTec Shock Detector White
£9.98 Ex VAT
Obsolete   Please see alternative [RK600SG3]   The ShockTec detectors have a reliable built-in calibration method that prevents over or...
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Rokonet WatchOUT PIR + Swivel Bracket 12m
£72.24 Ex VAT
WatchOUT PIR incorporates the Digital Correlation Technology that uses 2 PIR channels with interlacing detection patterns. Only targets creating a...
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Rokonet ShockTec with Magnet White
£12.23 Ex VAT
The ShockTec with Magnetic Contact ensure double protection on opening windows and doors. The detector can be mounted vertically or horizontally,...
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Rokonet ZoDiac PRO
£7.98 Ex VAT
The ZoDIAC PRO detector provides full 12m x 12m (40ft x 40ft) coverage with excellent false alarm immunity. Obsolete Alternative Click Here
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