Fike Sita 200 plus Control Panel


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The Sita 200 Plus Addressable Fire Alarm Panel offers the ultimate in fire alarm systems for small to medium sized applications. It's possible to connect up to 200 Multipoint combined detectors and sounders to the control panel on a single loop!

With a massive loop length of up to 3.2km and the ability to create up to 32 zones, this is a very flexible system.

Configuration is done via a PC link. Up to 3 alarm stages including a pre-alarm feature can be programmed as well as up to 15 smoke and heat detection combinations giving you the control you need and the ability to tailor your alarm system to perfectly suit your requirements. Zones 17 to 32 can also be assigned as auxiliary zones.

The Sita 200 Plus is an intelligent fire control panel with battery management, low current consumption and automatic continuous self-calibration.

Indication of events is provided through both LEDs and text on the backlit LCD display while the event log has the capacity to store an event history of 255 alarms or faults.

To extend the fire alarm system's range of cover, Sita 200 Repeater Panels can be connected to this control panel through a bi-directional serial link.

Panel only available to replace exisiting panels due to changes within CPR and CPD regulations


  • Model: 503 0001
  • Shipping Weight: 2 kgs
  • Manufactured by: Fike
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