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Fike 8 Zone Twinflex + / PLUS Control Panel

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  • Model: 5020008
  • Shipping Weight: 2kgs
  • Manufactured by: Fike
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Incorporating the Multipoint detector with built-in sounder means the whole system can be installed using only one pair of wires.

Using the Multipoint detector as part of the Twinflex 2-wire fire alarm system means that when a detector is wired in, a sounder is too - with no extra wiring required. This greatly reduces the number of points that need to be installed and the time it takes to install them.

As the Multipoint offers 7 different modes of detection, the installation is made even simpler as this one device suits all applications. Whatever type of detection is required, for any part of the installation, it can be selected by the flick of a switch at the time of commissioning. Any one of the 3 different smoke modes, 2 fixed temperature heat modes, a rate of rise mode and a combination smoke or heat mode can be selected.

As the Multipoint detector is available with or without a full specification 92dBA sounder (for only a marginal cost difference) no extra devices need to be purchased when audible warning is required (meets audibilty levels recommended in BS5839 Part 1: 1988). Twinflex callpoints can be run on the same pair of wires as detectors. Further cost savings can be utilised by using the new combined callpoint / sounder. Both detectors and callpoints have a selectable EOL module so any device can be set as the end of line monitor. The panel can also differentiate between callpoint or detector alarms.

If extra sound is required, or for areas that do not require detection, then the Hatari Sounder can be used on the same two wires, offering sound output of 100dBA. It also has a built-in EOL monitoring switch.

The panel can accommodate 32 devices per zone, has separate fault monitoring displays for each zone, and a one man walk test facility. Zones are configured without the need to use resistors or capacitors on unused zones.

All Twinflex Systems have the 'Checkpoint' alarm confirmation feature drastically reducing false alarms.

Repeater panels are also available for the Twinflex system, which use key switch access and have the facilities silence, sound alarms and reset.

Eliminate the problems of false alarms with 'Checkpoint' alarm confirmation.

  • Two wire installation - only one circuit per zone to connect detectors and sounders.
  • Installation savings as high as 40% - save on cable, installation time and sounders.
  • Callpoint identification - panel can differentiate between callpoint or detector alarms.
  • Built-in end of line device - all devices including detectors, callpoints and stand-alone sounders have a selectable built-in end of line monitoring function. No resistors or extra circuits required.
  • No base diode requirement.
  • Multipoint detector provides 7 modes of detection.
  • System fully complies with BS and EN.
  • 32 devices per zone.
  • Easy to install - no need to worry about marking "in's" and "out's".
  • Available with 2,4 and 8 zone panels.
  • 8 and 16 zone repeater panels available.
  • 72 hour standby.
  • Auxiliary sounder circuit.
  • Output module for plant switching, door release etc.


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