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Fike Twinflex Multipoint ASD Detector with Sounder / Strobe

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  • Model: 204 0012
  • Shipping Weight: 1kgs
  • Manufactured by: Fike
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 Fike Twinflex Multipoint ASD Detector with Sounder / Strobe - 204-0012

The Multipoint and ASD detectors have set new standards in detector technology. The TWINFLEX Multipoint head is a 2-wire device used with the TWINFLEX and TWINFLEX Pro systems, whereas the addressable ASD detector is used on the Sita200plus, Duonet and Quadnet systems. Using microprocessor control these devices offer the installer a full range of detection capabilities with audible and visual warning in one compact device for full DDA compliance. The detectors can be matched to the environment in which they are installed and changed any time during the lifetime of the installation. The mode of detection required can be changed simply by configuring the DIL switch in the detector electronics module (configurable via commissioning software on addressable systems). All modes are compliant with European detector type specifications.

The addressable ASD detector offers multiple choices for detection, set to a single mode or a combination, for a choice of up to 15 different settings. Programmable via a PC or at the panel (Quadnet and Duonet only) and also has an in-built loop isolator as well as I/O for local control and switching.

The TWINFLEX two-wire Multipoint detector can be set to any one of 3 smoke modes, 3 heat modes as well as a Combined Mode (Smoke 2 and Heat 2) where a smoke or heat source can trigger a fire decision - see opposite. The end user is given optimum fire protection, even if the installer is unsure of the use of the particular area where the detector is sited. All TWINFLEX products, including the Multipoint detector, feature an End of Line switch, negating the need for end-of-line resistors.

The Multipoint and ASD detectors have the unique benefit of an optional full specification integral sounder, where 90dBA output can be achieved. The two-wire Multipoint detector can be set to 3 different sound patterns, as well as switched off, with 2 sound output levels. The addressable ASD detector has 7 different sound patterns and 3 volume settings, as well as the option of a combined strobe.

Key Features:

    Integral Strobe - The Multipoint ASD can be ordered with an optional integral strobe, allowing the 2-wire installation of an advanced smoke/heat detector, sounder and strobe, in a single cost-saving device.
    Base LED - When the detector head is removed, a base mounted LED flashes allowing users to easily identify which head is missing even from considerable distance, e.g. in a high-ceiling building.
    Head Removal Tool - The Multipoint ASD detector removal tool fits the Solo Detector Tester pole, for easy testing and maintenance at height.
    Optical Chamber - The Multipoint ASD detector incorporates a new advanced optical chamber for enhanced smoke detection.

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