Apollo Xp95 Sounder Base

The sounder base comprises of a base sounder with integral mounting base and is for use with Discovery or XP95 ranges. It is designed for indoor use.

  • Two tones
  • Two volume ranges 55-75dB(A) and 75-91dB(A)
  • Individual and group addressing
  • Unique acoustic self-test
Warranty 10 year
Approvals CPR
Polarity L1 & L2 are polarity sensitive
Protocol voltage (max) 9V
Protocol voltage (min) 5V
Protocol voltage 5 to 9V peak to peak
Power-up surge current 1.2mA
Maximum power-up time <1 second
Quiescent current 200μA
Quiescent current tested at 24V dc
Supply voltage (max) 28V dc
Supply voltage (min) 17V dc
Supply voltage (Vmin-Vmax) 17 to 28V dc
Materials housing Polycarbonate
Product length 38mm
Product diameter 115mm
Weight 140g
Product length 1.5in
Product diameter 4.53in
Humidity 0% to 95% (no condensation or icing)
Humidity (max) 95% RH
Humidity (min) 0% RH
Humidity Note no condensation or icing
Operating temperature -20 to 60°C
Operating temperature (max) 60°C
Operating temperature (min) -20°C
IP rating Value IP21D
Operating temperature (min) -4°F
Operating temperature (max) 140°F
Operating temperature -4 to 140°F


  • Model: 45681-278
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5 kgs
  • Manufactured by: Apollo
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