RDT 2413MHz Tx & PSU

VTX2400 / VRX2400 ( 2.4GHz)

The 2.4GHz VideoWave has been designed to meet the specifications for license free use throughout Europe. Because of the varying regulations in different countries, it is available with output powers between 10mW and 500mW (factory set).
The units are housed in a very robust aluminium extrusion. IP67 rated enclosures giving full weatherproofing for exposed locations are also available. VideoWave may be used with the supplied 1/2 wave whip antenna or with externally mounted antennas for greater distances.

  • 10mW to 500mW output power
  • 4 channels available
  • Lightweight robust design
  • Signal strength indicator
  • 12V operation
  • Optional weatherproof enclosures (See below)
  • Compliant with R&TTE Directive
  • Tested to ETS 300 440


The 2.4GHz VideoWave is available on any one of 4 channels, i.e. 2413MHz, 2432MHz, 2451MHz or 2470MHZ. This allows the use of up to 4 cameras on a single installation.
For special applications a switchable 4 channel receiver can be supplied. This allows the receiver to monitor up to 4 cameras by switching from one to another. Note: only one camera at a time can be viewed.

  • Model: VTX2413
  • Shipping Weight: 3 kgs
  • Manufactured by: RDT
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