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Have found Security Warehouse to be very helpful, getting in special order items, combining orders etc.
I would have no problem recommending them to others

-James Nealon
Excellent Company with Excellent…

Excellent Company with Excellent Service and Excellent Products

-Philip Allen

Ordered, delivered, installed, everybody happy.
Will use again. Highly recommend.

-Dan McAllister

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Telemetry Transmitters, required to send telemetry commands to the correct fully functional cameras
AMG VRX5801SE 5.8ghz video/audio RX *
£811.58 Ex VAT
Videowave 5.8GHZ Real Time Video Transmission up to 1km - 6 CH Selecable. Colour Videowave RX 240vAC + ANT5605 Antenna + Audio + Alarm 10/100...
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AMG VTX5801SE 5.8GHz video TX audio + alarm
£811.58 Ex VAT
Videowave 5.8GHZ Real Time Video Transmission up to 1km - 6 CH Selecable. Colour Videowave TX 240vAC + ANT5605 Antenna + Audio + Alarm 10/100...
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Pelco 4 Channel Bi-directional Single-mode ST Connector
£778.59 Ex VAT
Features     4 Bidirectional Data Channels Support RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 (2-wire/4-wire), Manchester, and Bi-Phase Communication ...
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Pelco 8 Channel 10-bit Digital Video Multiplexer
£2,241.12 Ex VAT
8CH Video TX SM ST. The FTV80/FRV80 fiber transmitter transmit eight channels of video over one optical fiber in a two-slot wide design. The FTV80...
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Pelco FTV10D1S1ST Single Mode Fiber Transmitter
£832.05 Ex VAT
Description Digital 1310nm / 1550nm Video / Bidirectional Data Single-mode Fiber Tx, ST Connector Features     8-Bit Digitally...
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Samsung SPC-300 Coaxial Remote Controller
£110.00 Ex VAT
Features: • Control via coaxial cable or RS-485 • Camera connected: 1 unit • Cable extension: Max. 500m (with 5C-2V cable) •...
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Siemens Variable speed receiver for Pan-/Tilt heads
£1,241.04 Ex VAT
The CDCD2417 is a feature-rich receiver unit, which combines ease of installation and use with durability and on site serviceability. The unit is...
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Pelco CM6700-MXB2-X
£531.30 Ex VAT
CM6700 matrix, 16 inputs x2 outputs, 230V AC Matrix switcher/controller. Provides switching and control for 16 inputs and up to 2 monitor outputs....
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Baxall DAX/DEN
£80.00 Ex VAT
Telemetry Adapters Transmitters Miscellaneous Coaxial telemetry interface Please state dome type when ordering
 Sold Out 
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£76.80 Ex VAT
Coaxial telemetry interface converter from Baxall Temetry to Pelco
 Sold Out 
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Baxall ZKX72J
£281.00 Ex VAT
Standard Keyboards Telemetry Baxnet telemetry keyboard with 2 axis joystick & RS232 control
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Baxall ZTX3
£122.00 Ex VAT
Single Channel Transmitters Telemetry Single camera telemetry TX
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