Dennard DM515 Large Housing (230v)

240V AC Outdoor Housings

IP65 housing, 110-240V AC, 440x135x125 comes with sunshield

Additional Description:
The type 515, 516, 517 range of environmental camera housings are designed to accommodate a wide range of camera / lens combinations and to provide protection to BS.EN 60529 Level IP 65 (no water ingress). Insulated camera platforms with longitudinal adjustment are supplied as standard, plus window heater, thermostat, three cable glands and full sunshield. Self parking wipers, 5 and 25 Litre washers are available and can be retro-fitted.
The housings are constructed from aluminium alloy, powder coated and stoved with stainless steel fittings. Deep base versions are offered to allow telemetry receivers, relay interface units or cable termination trays to be fitted under the camera.
The ventilated sunshield option has a fan fitted to the sunshield and allows the camera housing to be kept at a constant 1.5 / 2

  • Model: DM515-230
  • Shipping Weight: 4.5 kgs
  • Manufactured by: Dennard
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