Videx 4000 Series Extension proximity reader module for VProx access control

4000 Series Proximity Reader Modules

A selection of modular 4000 series proximity reader modules are available that are able to operate as standalone units, connect to an access control CPU and can also be incorporated as part of an audio or video door entry system.

The 4949 proximity reader is an extension reader only that can be connected to any of the VProx series of proximity access control CPU’s ranging from the VP20 (1 door, 20 fob CPU), VP100 (2 door, 100 fob CPU) and VP250 (3 door, 250 fob CPU). The reader can also be connected to the VP1000 (1000 fobs) and VP4000 (4000 fobs) CPU’s, both of which can have up to 30 main doors and up to 100 apartment doors when connected directly to a 1000A expansion module.

The 4850 is a standalone proximity module, with 1 programmable relay (1 to 99 seconds or latch mode) where programming is carried out at the reader using the tactile buttons and LED’s on the rear of the module. Up to 99 cards (955/C) or fobs (955/T, 955/B, 955/R, 955/Y and 955/G) can be programmed.

The 4850R is an expansion proximity reader that can be linked to any of the following 4G GSM series: 4810/4G modules, Digital GSM 4812/4G series and 2270/4G interface via an RS485 bus. The reader includes a dry contact relay output (CO, NO and NC) which can be programmed from 1 to 99 seconds or latch mode.

Both the 4850 and 4850R readers also includes a single switched 0V push to exit input.

All the modules are available in a matt 316 marine grade stainless steel finish (suffix /M), mirror stainless steel finish (suffix /S) or gun metal grey (suffix /BL).


  • Compatible with the full range of 4000 series surface and flush back boxes
  • Matt 316 marine grade stainless steel (/M), mirror stainless steel (/S) or gun metal grey (/BL) front plate finishes available
  • 4849 can be connected to a VProx series access control CPU
  • 4850 can operate as standalone keypad
  • 4850R expansion proximity reader can connect via RS485 bus to 4810/4G series modules, 4812/4G series modules and 2270/4G GSM interface
  • Programmable relay time and push to exit input (4850 and 4850R)

Technical Details

  • Power: 12dc (supplied from VProx controller)
  • Status LED indication: Tri state LED and sounder
  • Compatible cards and fobs: 955/C (cards), 955/T (fobs)
  • System compatibility: VProx controllers – VP20, VP100, VP250, VP1000, VP4000 and 1000A

Product Variants

Readers –

  • 4849/M – Extension proximity reader for VProx access control CPU’s, VP20, VP100, VP250, VP1000, VP4000 and 1000A (matt 316 stainless steel finish)
  • 4850/M – Standalone 99 card/fob, 1 relay proximity reader module (matt 316 stainless steel finish)
  • 4850R/M – Expansion proximity reader for the GSM PRO and Digital GSM modules, inc. RS485 bus (matt 316 stainless steel finish)

Substitute /M with /BL for gun metal grey finish e.g. 4850R/BL. Substitute /M with /S for mirror stainless steel finish e.g. 4849/S.

Fobs & Cards –

  • 955/T – Blue, tear drop EM proximity key fob
  • 955/B – Black, tear drop EM proximity key fob
  • 955/R – Red, tear drop EM proximity key fob
  • 955/Y – Yellow, tear drop EM proximity key fob
  • 955/G – Green, tear drop EM proximity key fob
  • 955/C – White, thin ISO credit card style EM proximity card
  • Model: 4849
  • Shipping Weight: 0.3 kgs
  • Manufactured by: Videx
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