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BPT AC/300 Auxilary Relay For System 300

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  • Model: AC/300
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5kgs
  • Manufactured by: BPT
  • Online

More info about this product

The unit can be used in system 300 and X2 installations as an adapter relay for switching on accessory equipment, such as
additional audio signals or lights.
The changeover contact relay can be activated by a call made from the entry panel.
The unit can be installed near a handset, in the wall housing, inserted in a 3-module embedding box, or installed on a DIN rail.

Technical Features

• Supply voltage: from same X2 line.
• Current demand: 20 mA (0.2 mA stand-by).
• Max. load to relay contact: 1 A, 24 V (500 mA if load is inductive).
• Command length: in the range 1 to 30 s, adjustable with potentiometer.
• Red LED indicating successful programming.
• Maximum number of actuators that can be associated with a single call:
- 2 AC/300 + 6 receivers with attenuated note,
- 1 AC/300 + 1 receiver with high note + 6 receivers with attenuated note,
- 2 AC/300.
• Maximum number of receivers and AC/300 adapters that can be connected in an X2 install.
• Maximum number of receivers and AC/300 adapters that can be connected in a system 300 installation (XA/300LR):
- 100 in a video entry control system,
- 200 in an audio entry control system.
• Working temperature range: 0 °C to +35 °C.
• Dimensions: 60x44x16 mm

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