CDVI Wireless relay with 2 x RF Keyfobs

The CUBEPOWER is a radio receiver mobile connection that is part of the CUBE X series.
It is compatible with the full range of CDVI transmission solutions that utilise the KeeLoq® hopping code security protocol.
The receiver is programmed and controlled remotely via the InstallerCUBE app available on iOS and Android. Another app is also available for end users specifically, allowing them direct access (UserCUBE). The CUBE X system also features relay triggering possibilities through NFC tags and mobile credentials for even faster
The receiver uses 12-24Vac/dc power supply with automatic power detection.

Key Features

  • Remotely programmable receiver
  • Memory capacity up to to 250 transmitters and 100 smartphones
  • 1 relay
  • KeeLoq® hopping code
  • Easy to set up and program through the InstallerCUBE app
  • NFC tags and mobile credentials available
  • No need to access the receiver once installed

CUBEPOWER - 1-Relay Receiver with Remote

Technical Specifications

Material ABS
Technology Radio & Smartphone
Type Superheterodyne
Operating mode Pulse, Latch, Timed
Frequency 433.92MHz
Modulation AM/ASK
Encoding KeeLoq® hopping code
Memory Up to 250 transmitters
Up to 100 smartphone user codes
Release time 1sec - 23h:59m:59s
Code combinations 18446744073709551616
Relays 1
Contacts Form C (C, NO, NC)
Weight 0.047 kg
Power supply 12-24Vac/dc (autodetect)
Max power on output: NO: 10A @ 30Vdc
NC: 6A @ 30Vdc
Consumption 120mA @ 12Vac
(500mA at power up)
  • Model: CUBEKIT
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5 kgs
  • Manufactured by: Diax
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