Videx Pc Door Programming Kit Vx2200 Digital Door Panels

VX2200 PC Software

The PC software kits for the VX2200 system allows door panel programming and concierge programming (2210A and 2210V)  to be carried out using a PC.  The software allows for retrieving (download) data from a door panel or programming (upload). Connection is made using a supplied USB cable for the 4212PK software kit and in the case of the SP37 software kit an RS232/RS485 to USB converter (Art.481) is also included.

The 4212PK PC software kit allows a user to change all door panel settings associated with the 4212 range, setup apartment information along with door codes and proximity fobs/cards (entered manually or by using a desktop PROX-USB reader) and design of a custom display logo.

The SP37 PC software kit can be used to program VX2200 digital panels form the VRDigital range (SP300-1 and SP301-1C series) as well as the conventional audio 2210A and video 2210V concierge intercoms. It allows the user to change door panel settings (lock release time, speech annunciation playback mode, conversation time, etc.), setup apartment information and door access codes.

Included on the CD is software for older generation VX2200 panels where connection to the panel is via a RS232 serial plug-in connector, the latest up to date USB driver for the accompanying USB cable and RS232/RS485 to USB converter (Art.481).


  • Program VX2200 door panels using a PC software kit
  • Program panel settings and apartment data including door access codes
  • Save programming template for future use
  • Import or design display logos (for the 4212 series digital panels)
  • Compatible with PROX-USB desktop reader for easy enrollment of fobs/cards (for the 4212 series digital panels)

Technical Details

  • Minimum PC requirements: Windows OS – Windows XP, service pack 3 or later, DotNet framework 4 or later, CD rom drive (for software installation only) and a standard USB port
  • Door Panel connection: 4212 series (micro-USB input), other digital panel types (RS232 jack plug-in connection)

Product Variants

  • 4212PK – PC door programming kit for 4212 series digital door panels
  • SP37 – PC door programming kit for all other VX2200 digital door panels


  • Model: SP37
  • Shipping Weight: 0.1 kgs
  • Manufactured by: Videx
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