Videx Multiple Door 2-4 Entrance Switcher Unit

VX2300 Entrance Switchers

A 2301N switching device is required when using 2 or more entrances (up to a maximum of 4 entrances) on the VX2300 system.  An AUX input allows a second 2301N to be connected to expand the system up to 8 entrances.

Each entrance output contains an adjustable signal gain setting by use of a position jumper (Low, Medium, High).  A power supply unit connects directly to the 2301N and supplies all 4 entrances as well as videophones.  For larger systems a second power supplied may be required.


  • 4 Entrance switch for VX2300 system with adjustable gain outputs
  • Link 2 devices together by use of AUX input to expand up to 8 entrances

Technical Details

  • Power supply: 2321 or 2321P (system size dependant)
  • Entrance outputs: 4
  • Entrance output gain: adjustable 3 position (High, Medium, Low)

2301N – 2-4 entrance exchange unit (1 req’d for every 4 entrances)


  • Model: 2301N
  • Shipping Weight: 0.8 kgs
  • Manufactured by: Videx
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