Paxton10 010-403 Door Controller, PCB Only

Paxton10 Door Controllers are the building blocks of the Paxton10 system. Each one provides control of a single door and a port to allow support for up to three Paxton10 Wireless Connectors for additional functionality. A single Paxton10 system can include up to 1000 door controllers.

The Paxton10 door controller is a network device that communicates over TCP/IP and can be integrated into an existing network infrastructure.

Key features

  • Controls a single door and provides additional I/O for general use
  • Distributed intelligence architecture, no central point of failure
  • Connector port to cascade up to three Paxton10 Wireless Connectors
  • Two reader inputs for read in/read out control
  • 12V lead acid battery back up option


  • Model: 010-403
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5 kgs
  • Manufactured by: Paxton
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