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[Ticket Question] Can you give recommendations on the Rafiki 2 Zone please?

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I am looking to purchase your Rafiki 2 zone Basic starter kit. This will be installed in a town house with a ground, first and second floor. Could you advise if your 2.3 Ah batteries are suitable for this kit? Could you also recommend suitable cable, compatible additional sensors, heat sensor and CO2 sensors for this installation? Finally would this system be suitable for 3 zones or can only be wired for two zones? Finally is the kit batery operated only or can it be connected to mains?

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Id advise using a specialist installer for fire. Especially if this is a HMO type property.


Yes the panel will take 2 x 2.1-2.3 A/h batterys

You need to use a fire proof cable. This will depend on the spec requirements and install method ie.





note there isnt currently a co sensor for twinflex.



The panel in this kit is a 2 zone panel. If you need 3 zones you will require a 4 zone panel.


It must be connected to the mains.


If this is an insurance / council requirement then you need to speak to a recognised installer.

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