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Ticket Question [Driveway Lighting]

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Dear Sir or Madam I want advice and information on products that you might have that would suit my needs. I want to automatically switch on my driveway lights when, after dark, a pedestrian or vehicle comes into the gateway or starts up the driveway upon leaving the house, so I will need two sensors. I would like to use break-beam technology rather than PIR so that I can have the beam approximately 75 to 100 centimetres off the ground where it will not be triggered by dogs etc. I expect that when the beam is broken a signal will be sent to switching circuitry inside the house which will turn on the lights. The lights should stay on for about 5 minutes before turning off again. The distance from the gateway to the house is about 42 metres and then it is about another 6 metres inside the house to where the switching circuitry will be installed. There will be eight lights wired in parallel, each fitted with a 9-Watt LED bulb. I would prefer the break-beam sensors to be solar powered and that they should transmit the signal wirelessly. I would like to know if you have appropriate sensors and switching circuitry.

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