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[Ticket Question] Smd427 Pg2 Smoke & Heat Detector

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I have installed a Visonic PowerMaster 10 with 2 x external & 1 x internal siren, and also a GSM module for notification/alerts (all purchased from yourselves).

I would like to connect a SMD427 PG2 Smoke & Heat detector. Please could you confirm that it is possible to configure this system so that when Smoke or Heat is detected, the device itself emits sound but NOT the external sirens? And that a call/text also be generated via the GSM module?

(to clarify, it is not desired that the external sirens will sound upon detection of smoke or heat but internal sounds are fine, also desired that remote alerts are generated - hope that makes sense)


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No you can't on a basic system like this, you would need a more flexible siemens spc or Honeywell dimension

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