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  1. I should of set out in the initial post, I would like to keep these projects below a budget of £900 and be installed soon as this darkness around the house is eery.
  2. If the software is MS Windows based, then that would be an issue as I'm a household that is all OSX
  3. Thank you. Will look into those products. Out of curiosity, I'm a female engineer, so would be undertaking this project myself. Is configuration of the Siemens easy to do or would I need another config device/software (RS232 card installed in a PC, for example, and configuration software/server)?
  4. Thank you Secware_Tech6. Could you recommend a list of products for the Siemens SPC option that would satisfy the requirements for the alarm / future automation? I'm looking through the list of Siemens products and tbh I don't want to be in a position of purchasing products that would not be relevant. Thank you. Similarly with the external lighting please.
  5. I believe the MCT-427 are only compatible with the PowerMax and not the PowerMaster.
  6. Hi All, I have just moved into my 1940's semi and now on a journey to turn this beautiful house into the automation house I've dreamt of. I have read a lot on this forum and other websites, and my head is about to explode with information that is not relevant to me hence this post. I am after your advice on two projects - an intruder alarm and external security lights. 1. Intruder Alarm The requirements are: - Sensors (i.e. Heat/PIR) downstairs (Lounge, Hallway, Landing and Extension) - Contacts for windows (Lounge x2, Extension x2) - Camera (Lounge x1) - A Panel (position in the Hallway) - A Main Unit (positioned Upstairs) - A Sounder (positioned external front of house) - Keyfobs - Growth to add other devices (Sensors, Contacts etc) and internal lights, curtains etc - Integration with Mobile device (OSX) to check status (not access Cameras!) - Wireless integration as current house wiring requires updating I have looked at various alarm kits/systems (Visonic, Pyronix, Siemens, etc) and even those offering home automation (e.g. Loxone) and I'm not sure what system would be ideal. I like Visonic for its aesthetics, but it has to meet my requirements. 2. External Security Lights The requirements are for front of the house which has a block paving drive for two cars: - Three low voltage lights position to provide light in a triangular formation - The above lights come on with a PIR (i.e. when someone/car comes into the drive) - Two low voltage lights position at the front door and two low voltage lights for the side of the house - The above four lights are on dusk-to-dawn Currently have a lantern with a PIR installed but it provides poor lighting even up the drive, say, if I'm taking the kids out of the car and bags of shopping. We have changed the bulb but that doesn't reach out to end of the drive/shadows (hence the triangular formation of the lights) I would greatly appreciate your assistance, guidance, and product selection. Tahera

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