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  1. Secware2

    Wintex Download (Zip File)

    You will need to log into your account and view the order with the software on, and the download option will be available to you.
  2. I have a Menvier TS690 Security alarm that is now obsolete, Can I use the CQR contact SC513/WH/G3/B with this? The installation manual appears to say 'yes' but the existing contacts that I am replacing are not resistored.
  3. Hi, will the UTC GS711 - Shock sensor with magnetic contact work with a Siemens SPC system? Or do you have any suggestion on a sensor for a SPC system that have both magnetic contact and shock sensor?
  4. Could you please help me and tell me weather a dedicated phone line to the dual com communicator would be affected by a BMS system using the same line for data only
  5. Just wondering if the Optex BX-80NR 24m External Wireless Ready Window / Curtain PIR will work straight off with the Pyronix ENFORCER RKP KIT 1
  6. I need to replace a couple of PIRs and am looking at some which have eol resistors built in. They will be in a circuit wired in series - just the 2 - and there is already an eol resistor wired into the circuit at the panel. Can these PIRs be switched so that they show zero resistance as I am not sure what adding extra resistance into the circuit would be handled by the very old panel.
  7. Hi I am stuck with looking at the diagrams to wire up ressistors for the alarm. I have bought flush door magnets with out resistors. Could you send me a picture or diagram how to wire up Double pole EOL resisstors for the Texecom Premier 48 panel? i bought the honewell EMPS-75 w magnetic contacts.
  8. Secware2

    [Ticket Question] Ax-70Tn

    You can use the AX-100TF https://www.securitywarehouse.co.uk/catalog/cctv-c-1/detection-c-1_24/optex-4-channel-synchro-twin-30m-active-beam-nonc-relay-p-3367.html
  9. Secware2

    [Ticket Question] Ax-70Tn

    Hello can you please confirm if you do a version the same as the 100 tf model instead of the tn models I have purchased please
  10. Secware2

    [Ticket Question] Ax-70Tn

    Based on the information you provided. It appears that you have replaced the TF model with a TN model. The TN model does not have DQ ( environmental disqualification, this can be used as a pre alarm or a shunt for the alarm to prevent false alarms) so in theory you can install the beams without it. It is also worth noting that the TF range has options for NO and NC contacts that the TN only has the options for NC.
  11. Secware2

    [Ticket Question] Ax-70Tn

    Hello there i recently purchased some optex -70 sensors from yourself for replacement of the obsolete optex 100 plus ones. On going to install them I found that the old ones have more wires eight as the new 70 ones only have six. So I was looking to see if there is a way to convert the old ones to the new
  12. i have a client with a texecom 48 and wants some smoke detectors now some people say run alarm cable but i would of thought it be better to use the red fire rated cable?
  13. Secware2

    [Ticket Question] Adpro Cctv System

    I'm after a price for a adpro cctv system, one dvr and 6 external cameras. It is for remote monitoring
  14. Hello could you please help me with how i would wire the The 12 Volt Relay Base, 45681-508 to aTexecom PREMIER ELITE 48 8 ZONE CONTROL PANEL please
  15. I want to replace a PTZ with 2 IP cameras and send their video down a single coax? I am using NVT FLEX Switches that provide POE but I don't want to run an additional cable unless I have to? Sorry CLEER switches which are Ethernet over coax.

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