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  1. Hi there I am looking to put a wireless sensor; PIR or better still a dual-tec in my Motorhome, which will communicate with a transceiver wired into my Cytech Comfort system. It looks like the Opal RFX - 3 might do what I want at the receive end BUT is this unit only designed for the external PIR's (like the Elite) Opal make. Also, the RFX-3 is slight over-kill budget wise - it looks like it's three channel, I only need the one. So is there another, good quality product, that might fit my needs? There is max of 10 metres between the sensors position in the Mhome and the potential site for the transceiver and I have both N/C and N/O contacts in the panel (plus tamper with or without resistors) Thankyou

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