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  1. Avoid WiFi. Single path WiFi is not reliable enough for alarm reporting. If you add to this the issue that many push notification alarms don't have path checking, then you have no idea that there's an issue until the system fails to report.
  2. Hi, you can now also use the Honeywell flash programmer windows application to upgrade the panel firmware to 7.02. All you need is an RS232 lead to connect to the panels on-board RS232 port. Start the software, then power cycle the panel when asked to by the software. Upgrade takes around 7 minutes.
  3. The app and mk8 work with the Dimension panels. Just buy an LCE Ethernet module or an E080-8 PM me if you need advice.
  4. stuart_mcg

    Ticket Question [ Ir Detectors]

    If not going wireless, then any will do and no portal is required. Admin will list sw part numbers.
  5. stuart_mcg

    Ticket Question [ Ir Beam]

    Use the takex range. They are the best. Select double the range you need.
  6. stuart_mcg

    Ticket Question [Honeywell Galaxy Flex]

    Hi, I'm not SW staff, but can offer some advice. Your reference to K07 KP doesn't make sense. Do you mean a CP037 non-prox keypads ? For 20 wired zones, you will need to add a single C072 RIO module to add an additional 8 zones to the panel. Since you are adding 2x keypads and an external siren, you need to make sure that your power consumption is within the capabilities of the panel PSU and current outputs. If the 20 wired zones are contacts or very low power sensors, then you will probably be okay. If they are higher current, then consider a P026 power RIO instead of the C072 module. With the Flex, you will need the A083-00-XX Ethernet module. This will enable services like the Honeywell GX app and SelfMon platform. The SelfMon platform has some additional benefits in that it can regularly monitor the path for you 24x7 to ensure that the internet connection is good. It also offers Dynamic Domain Name System for the app in the event that your ISP does not provide you with a static WAN address for your internet connection. Also, since your zone count is at the limits of the Flex 20 series, it may be worth considering selecting a higher model to provide room for expansion should you need it later. If SW don't ship to Greece, then Ebay is always an option: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honeywell-Galaxy-Flex-Plus-FX100-V3-50-100-Zone-with-IP-Ethernet-G3-Panel-S1/273497390998?epid=10018212128&hash=item3fadb6ff96:g:jzcAAOSwO~5bZafw:rk:3:pf:0
  7. stuart_mcg

    [Ticket Question] Honeywell Gd520

    If you have the panels networked, then you can either individually control all panels via app, or you could use a building management system like Win-Pak to control all sites from one windows application.
  8. stuart_mcg

    [Ticket Question] Honeywell Gd520

    As per admins reply. The galaxy rs485 bus that's used to interconnect remote power RIO's, doesn't support running over Ethernet. Even if you used rs485 to Ethernet converters, any latency on the bus could result in tampers. You could fit Ethernet to each panel and control each building individually via the SelfMon or GX apps.
  9. Most of the texecom and galaxy grade 3 range will support this, as all outputs are programmable. Just select a panel with multiple outputs.
  10. stuart_mcg

    Ticket Question [Honeywell Galaxy]

    Sorry, I haven't been keeping up to date with these forums. I'm always on diynot though. Your panel is pretty old firmware wise and should really be brought up to V1.56. The G2 series will work with the Ethernet module, but functionality is limited. You're better off getting a SelfMon LCE module, as it includes virtualkeypad where the Honeywell modules do not. The Galaxy and LCE Ethernet modules both support RSS programming and event reporting to SelfMon, but the LCE gives the added benefit of app control. If you PM me, I can work out how to get you up to 1.56.
  11. stuart_mcg

    Ticket Question[Garage System]

    Hi, any panel should drive the 240v master blaster with 12v relay. Because this is mains driven, you should also add a sab based siren for power failure. The galaxy G2 with a c079 RF portal and TCC fobs will do it for a reasonable price. There's also the galaxy flex with the RF portal that will do the same. Other panels will offer the same.
  12. You can use any hybrid system. Texecom now also do a wireless keypad to go along with their ricochet wireless mesh system. Galaxy G2, Dimension and Flex can have wired or wireless devices, but keypad and bell must be wired.
  13. stuart_mcg

    Ticket Question [Compatible Control Panel]

    Anything that can sink 33mA on an output. Most panels should cope with this. If buying galaxy flex, you can use the bell output.
  14. stuart_mcg

    Ticket Question [Klaxon 127Db 240V ]

    The relay requires 33mA at 12v. The trigger outputs on that panel only sink 10mA, so you cannot use those. I don't see any info (having a quick look at the manual) on the bell output current, but they would normally sink around 200mA, so depending on what you have connected in there already, you need to add the 35mA and see what the total is. Remember to wire one side of the relay to +12v and the other to the output. Hopefully there's a diode on the klaxon relay coil to stop any reverse emf. I couldn't see any circuit diagram showing this.
  15. stuart_mcg

    [Ticket Question] New House

    I have the setup you mention by using a Dimension panel. The panel gets configured with two groups. Each set of zones is assigned to each individual group. The users who have access to the house have their codes assigned to the house group. The users who have access to the granny flat have their codes assigned to the granny flat group. Each works independently with the exception of sounders Etc. The manager code has the option to set and unset each group. I find this the best mechanism rather than giving users group choice.

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