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  1. RobVW

    Pyronix Sterling 10 remote LCD keypad

    Great, thank you! I'll keep you informed of any progress in this matter. Best regards, Robert
  2. Hello, I've just unpacked my second Sterling 10 remote LCD keypad, and found out that the little spring on the tamper switch is missing ( order 19838 ). this causes continue "Tamper" alarm on my central unit. Is it possible to send me a spare spring? Best regards, Robert.
  3. Hi James, Manuals found and downloaded. So, problem solved ! Thanks !!
  4. Hi James, Thanks for the effort, but this doesn't work either. The 3 links that are in my account now are expired on 22/04, i can't download them anymore. Regards, Robert.
  5. Hello, My Order #19838 will be delivered tomorrow, but i still can't download the ordered PDF manuals. I can't find the download links in my account, or didn't receive any mail with the links in it. Can anyone help? Best regards, Robert.

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