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  1. nefasmus

    Secware Bcintra W B Wiring

    Got it
  2. nefasmus

    Secware Bcintra W B Wiring

    Hi, Just to be sure, how do I wire the SECWARE BCINTRA/W/B to the Texecom Premier 88 panel? Like Texecom - Secware 12V + = 12V + 12V - = 12V - Bell - = ? Tamp = ? Strb - = ? Do I need other connections e.a. strobe to 12V+? And do I need to set some settings in wintex to work? Thanks in advance.
  3. nefasmus

    IBAN and BIC numbers

    Please, if possible, put the IBAN and BIC reference of Securitywarehouse bank account onto the confirmation mail when ordering or on the website somewhere near visa, paypal, mastercard. There given on the ordering process on page 3 I guess but after this there gone... International orders need these numbers or manual bank transfers are not allowed if missing. It should save customers lot of time when they find those numbers right away. Regards,
  4. nefasmus

    Compatible advice

    Hi, Thanks to this forum I've picked up some usefull ideas for my future home alarm. I was wondering if someone with a little more experience could tell me if the following things work great together?: 1x Texecom Premier 48 7x Texecom Prestige AMDT Plus pir 14x Elmdeme EN3-QSC Grade3 medium surface contact with red resistors 5x CQR 8 core screened 100m 1x Texecom Odyssey 5 dummy 1x Texecom Odyssey 5 cover 2x Texecom Premier Large LCD keypad 1x Secware RS002/ALI 2x Secware 2way sound bomb 8x Elmdene EN3 10way junction box 1x Enersys 12V 18A/H batt 1x Secware Bcintra/w/b Also If I wanted to connect lets say 3 smoke detectors? Do I just connect them to a zone on the central? And do I need to have a zone expander? If so wich one, can't seem to understand the expander things yet. Ideas, comments much appreciated! My bad for spelling, I'm from Belgium.

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