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  1. Just had a phone call with an apology for missing the ticket. All sorted now with great service. Many thanks and much appreciated. Dan.
  2. Hi I recently placed an order and received the order including the Odyssey 3E bell box that i ordered. I ordered it after reading the website though which stated the 3E had dual piezo sounders and triple tamper. After looking at it and reading the texecom website it turns out the 3E has is a single sounder, double tamper model. Ive raised a ticket which has ticket No.482740 to request the Odyssey 3 sounder and I will pay the difference and return the 3E. I had a previous ticket raised from the 2nd Oct though which still hasnt been answered(it doesnt need to be now as I have received the order) so have little faith in the system at the moment, hence posting on here. Thanks for any help. Dan.

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