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  1. what would be the best P.I.R. for a warehouse that is full of hole, where the local Squires, Rats and a factory cat wonder free.
  2. Secware

    Ticket Question [Risco Gardtec KITCP8LG2]

    I think it is the best we will change the pcb? How can we do that?
  3. I have a twenty years old DA Systems Abacus 6P control panel. Each of the six zones is split with two PIR's on each zone. The existing PIR's are believed to be by Comet (but could be Stella or Apollo)and each has an integrated zone spliter so enabling three wire connection(12v+ 0v and tamper). Can you supply a replacement for the PIR's.
  4. Risco Gardtec KITCP8LG2 I've a problem with one of the central units. It isn’t possible to set the number of times the bell is capable of sounding during a set period. If the system is triggered, the bell sounds always, even the third, fourth, … time when the number of bell re-arms is set to two. I’ve already disconnected all the connections and made a factory reset, but it isn’t making a solution. Please can you help me?
  5. Hi, Im looking for additional replacement wireless sensors (contact and vibration) for a Risco WIsdom system, RWT62 (contact) and RWT6S (shock), you dont seem to have these in stock. Are there compatible replacements? I think they also be available under the Gardtec brand.
  6. Hello, we have just had an outside office built - detached from the house by 1m. We currently have an Accenta G3 hard-wired panel with three spare zones. If I purchase Texecom GEC-0002 Ricichet Expansion pack and three Ricochet PIRs, will it allow me to attach the three wireless detectors to the spare zones? Your advice would be most welcome.
  7. I have an old (broken) Honeywell optima system and want to replace it with a new control panel, remote keypad, upgrade to the PIR sensors that are both microwave and I.R. and also have SMS alerts when there is an event, so I was looking at your website and saw you have a *lot* of things... just wanted to chat about what solution you could recommend. (I'm in the north west)
  8. Hi, I’m thinking of installing a Pyronix wireless security system with live alarm boxes at the front and rear, including 4 pet friendly PIRs and 3 door contacts. I would like to operate the alarm from my phone. What price would the system be and could I come in to you office to discuss. Please advise.
  9. PowerMaster 30 0r 33 + 2-way communication I have a phone line and modem next to box House and garage 1 PM 30 or 33 (IP) 3 PIR (Camera) 1 Dummy + Flash 5 x PIR (2 x Garage, Kitchen, Dining room, Landing) 1 X Key pad 1 x Siren with flash unit (main building)
  10. There is no telephone socket near by so want to link to WiFi network and get notifications via mobile app. What system is there available.
  11. I am looking for a set off wireless beams to guard a driveway, they will be situated 50m away from my gate where the control box is with 240v and a fibre connection running to the house another 300m away I am using control4 and also have a texecom alarm system Elite 66w What’s your best solution,
  12. Hi, we are looking for a ?security chain? to attach to an out-board boat engine. Should the chain be tampered with we would like an alarm to sound in the house, not at the boat, maybe 30 metres away. Do you have anything suitable? Thanks
  13. Secware

    Ticket Question [ 240V Cctv]

    Hi, Do you have any 240v CCTV cameras, when run an old system and each camera is on 220-240v power with BNC connections? I've seen some cameras that may be the right type but wanted you help.
  14. Secware

    Ticket Question [ Dvr Compatibility]

    We would like to upgrade our CCTV system with your Secware Pro 1080 DVR and one Secware Eco 2MP AHD camera to run over existing BNC coax. Is it possible to use the existing (non-AHD) cameras on this box at the same time? or would we need to upgrade ALL the cameras to AHD ones? Thanks for your Help.
  15. Hello I have a Honeywell Galaxy Dimension Alarm system, with the plastic housing RF module and a mk7 keypad fitted. I am looking to upgrade to Galaxy Flex to make use of the App, and also the mk8 keypad. My current system has several faults I cannot clear, and unfortunately my Alarm installer has gone AWOL and he has changed the default engineer codes. Can you let me know if this would be the right kit to replace my current panel: Model: C005-S1-E1+CP051-01+A083-00-02 - £208.65 Ex VAT And do you sell the backup battery to suit this new panel

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