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  1. Hello, I would like to buy an eaton i-wifi01 with a 12v bare wire power supply, do you supply the power supply as well?
  2. Hello I’m looking to purchase an alarm system with the following requirements: GSM Wireless Control box Capable of having two real external siren boxes Three wireless smoke alarms Three wireless PIR’s Two wireless door switches And also the capability of connecting at least two hard wired PIR devices Do you have any brands that would fulfill this requirement?
  3. does the Honeywell ECO1003-A require an eol resistor?
  4. Secware

    Ticket Question [dome - cam/4 4mm)

    Interested in dome - cam/4 4mm Does this require a electrical connection to the mains electric? Do we need to purchase additional cables to connect?
  5. We have used lots of your V2 GSM auto diallers to good effect. One of our sales guys asked me about the possibilities of a unit that will send an email. Do any of your products be arranged to send emails.
  6. just wondering if you stock a piece of hardware which allows you to separately connect cameras and PIR sensors they don't really have to be connected together but would like remote notification of PIR sensing so cameras can be looked at
  7. I have just bought an Honeywell Galaxy G2-12 Panel & Proximity Keypad off you. I am looking for a Proximity Alarm for outside my house (I have one on my van). Is there such a device in case I have prowlers outside my house?
  8. 1 x - Scantronic 9651EN-43 (9651 c/w 9943 rkp) 1 x - Secware Flex Tag Pack 10 1 x - Honeywell Reson8 Bell Box 1 x - Honeywell Reson8 Dummy Box 1 x - Secware KSB2 Sound Bomb 2, Quad Piezo Internal Sounder, 12VDC 7 x - Honeywell IS3012 PIR Motion Sensor with Pet-Immunity 2 x - SECWARE D20 Surface Contact 1 x - Scantronic 9941 LCD Keypad Im looking to purchase the above items, I have cable. will all this work together also the tags on both keypads?
  9. we bought a galaxy 2-12 C012 some time ago and when we are trying to enter with the engineer code it is saying invalid code is there a way how to factory reset so the codes will be all reset please? it is a galaxy 2-12 honeywell intruder alarm panel
  10. Secware

    Ticket Question [8SP411A ]

    I have an existing Accenta Gen4 Alarm Panel - 8SP411A with 8 wired sensors. I want to replace the control box with one that has a LAN or WiFi interface for connection to my local LAN and is capable of sending alerts via email and has a web interface contactable on the WWW. I want to retain my wired sensors but also have the option of adding additional wireless sensors. Can you recommend a suitable control box?
  11. Secware

    Ticket Question [Bell Box]

    will this alarm box be compatible with my avanti sytem.I have an MDT bell box which is no longer working, I have tried running a 12v supply to bypass the battery,the green/red lights come on, but no sounder. thanks https://www.securitywarehouse.co.uk/catalog/intruder-alarm-c-36/sounders-c-36_45/external-sounders-c-36_45_140/pyronix-deltabell-plus-external-sounder-back-plate-blue-p-2867.html
  12. Dear sirs, I'm about to order a complete Texecom hardwired alarm system and I would like some help. Firstly I already own and I have prepared the cavity on my aluminum doors/windows for this magnetic contacts (https://www.securitywarehouse.co.uk/catalog/intruder-alarm-c-36/door-contacts-switches-c-36_44/knightbiased-flush-pencil-single-reed-6core-4k72k2-brown-p-4544.html) My question to you is (by your knowledge) is there any chance of interfering with the aluminum material? Aluminum is not ferromagnetic but is paramagnetic metal. I would appreciate any input on this concern
  13. what would be the best P.I.R. for a warehouse that is full of hole, where the local Squires, Rats and a factory cat wonder free.
  14. Secware

    Ticket Question [Risco Gardtec KITCP8LG2]

    I think it is the best we will change the pcb? How can we do that?
  15. I have a twenty years old DA Systems Abacus 6P control panel. Each of the six zones is split with two PIR's on each zone. The existing PIR's are believed to be by Comet (but could be Stella or Apollo)and each has an integrated zone spliter so enabling three wire connection(12v+ 0v and tamper). Can you supply a replacement for the PIR's.

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