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  1. rowdy

    Cant Log On Website

    hi, every time i return the password is not accepted and when i retrieve new password it still does not work,do you want my money or not ?
  2. rowdy

    595 kp

    thanks for the reply,will do
  3. rowdy

    595 kp

    hi, i have a 595 keypad that the fobs have stopped working (code numbers ok) ,that i installed 3 months ago,how do i go about replacing, do i need to buy a spare one, then ask for a refund on the old one , thanks
  4. rowdy

    gardtec tags

    hi,i only need 5 tags but the min order is 25
  5. rowdy

    gardtec tags

    hi i have just ordered a gardtec 595,but i could not find the prox tags,on the website,thanks

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