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  1. ravis94

    Cant Log On Website

    Might I also add that this same issue is happening on Google Chrome and Safari (on iPhone and iPad)... I keep getting sent to the homepage trying to login eventhougn the login credentials are correct. I have to clear my browser cache and Internet history every single time I wish to log in...
  2. The system you are referring to is the Rafiki TwinFlex system. I used to use this system in my home but I upgraded. I also wanted to have a mains device to shut down during an alarm event. The device you need is a Twinflex Output unit... http://www.securitywarehouse.co.uk/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=38_81&products_id=1665 You will then need a mains relay to link in with the relay on this output unit. This mains relay will connect to your sound system in some way... So basically, the input unit connects to a zone, the relay on the output module links to a mains relay and then that is then connected to your sound system.. Sorry I cant provide in-depth help. Somebody else will appear shortly! Let us know how you get on.
  3. It depends what type of system you are planning to put it on... Addressable or conventional? The only sensor with integrated sounder and strobe is the Gent S-Quad. I use them in my house only mine have the voice sounder with strobe. That sensor only works with with the Gent vigilon or Nano. There's also the Rafiki ASD sensor that had the option of a strobe but it needs a special panel also... If it is for a conventional system you will need to buy a multi sensor and a sounder beacon base. This will need a zone pair and a sounder circuit pair of cables going back to the panel.
  4. ravis94

    Texecom: Veritas UDL and Wintex

    Thanks. I'm going to have a go... I will let you know if it works! If not I will look into buying the pc com!
  5. ravis94

    Accenta Mini Gen4 + loud internal sounder

    I can confirm that the "SecWare 16ohm internal speaker" of
  6. I've just tried it and I can confirm it works, I used to use a pipe cleaner coiled in the gap. Works fine..

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