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  1. Secware_Tech6

    Ticket Question [Best Pir?]

    i would say none. I wouldn't use a space protector in this environment
  2. Secware_Tech6

    Ticket Question [DA Systems Abacus 6P]

    Im afraid nothing will work as a zone splitter. If you have the cores then you can go more conventional and use eol. If not your looking at an addressable tech like hkc
  3. Secware_Tech6

    Ticket Question [DA Systems Abacus 6P]

    Im afraid that system is long obsolete
  4. Secware_Tech6

    Ticket Question [Risco Gardtec KITCP8LG2]

    Id be surprised, what s/w version do you have. Then we can check with Risco if its a bug?
  5. Secware_Tech6

    Honeywell Optima G3

    I believe so but I have always replaced the rear to match etc
  6. Secware_Tech6

    Honeywell Optima G3

    yes. The boards are still the same size but the lids are different
  7. bear in mind that if using wifi and you loose power you will probably loose your WiFi and internet connection unless supported by a UPS some of the app platforms support polling though
  8. Secware_Tech6

    Ticket Question [Powermaster 30 0R 33?]

    I'm sorry i don't understand the question?
  9. Secware_Tech6

    Ticket Question [Pyronix Security System]

    unfortunately we are supplier of pro equipment we cannot support pro products in a diy installation
  10. Secware_Tech6

    Ticket Question [Replacement System]

    our equipment is for professional installation and not designed for diy install unfortunatly
  11. Secware_Tech6

    Ticket Question [ Replacement Wireless Sensors]

    i believe the old risco rf is now obsolete. The agility peripherals will not be compatible
  12. It's advised that its a dedicated line. If the bms is online the Dualcom won't be able to use it
  13. Secware_Tech6

    [Ticket Question] Optex Bx-80Nr

    No it will need the correct transmitter
  14. Secware_Tech6

    [Ticket Question] Eol Resistors

    Its not good practice to have more than 1 detector per zone. If you do you cannot use detectors with resistors

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