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  1. Use links with the link source as the circuit and the destination as the output type you have programmed
  2. A dvr with alarm inputs can send emails etc. Depends on the model
  3. Secware_Tech6

    SPC4320 Kit list

    Mix of rf and wired there could you give us your site info first? What does your client need?
  4. Secware_Tech6

    GJD Lights ON!!

    I would start by looking at the power supply that is feeding the control panel. What else is this supplying?
  5. Yes you could use any lock that has a key override with an electronic release. Your door type will dictate suitable locking solution's
  6. Secware_Tech6

    Ticket Question [Outside alarm system?]

    you can use an external detector on chime such as the takex units or set an output to follow that circuit
  7. yes but the wireless extender is just for detectors
  8. best way it to use a panel.
  9. you want an active beam for detection. Take a look at the takex or Optex units. I don't like voice diallers as they are not polled a proper monitoring transmitter would be better imo
  10. Secware_Tech6

    [Ticket Question] i-on 50 How many keypads?

    you can definitely have 4 keypads but ill check the docs
  11. Secware_Tech6

    Ticket Question [Compatible]

    yes but id always advise 1 device to 1 circuit
  12. Secware_Tech6

    Ticket Question [Compatible]

    the 9941 does not support prox tags
  13. Secware_Tech6

    Ticket Question [Galaxy 2-12 ]

    it can be done, what's the order ref please
  14. Secware_Tech6

    Ticket Question [8SP411A ]

    the only panel that ticks all those boxes is the vanderbilt spc there are versions with built in ethernet

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