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  1. Hello, I raised a support ticket last Friday for an item which was damaged in transit from yourselves. I did not receive a confirming email so, not having a ticket number, I have been unable to check the ticket status. I raised another ticket yesterday on the same subject but again, there was no confirming email to advise of the ticket number. Could you please advise on the status of this issue. Is replacement of the damaged Prox Keypad in hand? Thanks Tim
  2. Tandyd

    Dimension dimensions

    Thank you Stuart for your prompt comprehensive response. It raises a few more questions in my mind but I'll trawl through the forum first to see whether the answers are already there.
  3. Tandyd

    Dimension dimensions

    I am comparing the Galaxy Dimension with the G2-20 and G2-44 panels. Somewhat ironically, I cannot find the dimensions of the Dimension control panel box. Do you have this information (assume the GD-48 if other variants are larger)? And can the the inputs on all three panels (G2-20, G2-44 and GD-48) be expanded through adding a card into the main control panel box or is it necessary to fit another box? Thanks Tim

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