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  2. Use links with the link source as the circuit and the destination as the output type you have programmed
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  4. Hi Stuart_mcg, I am very much interested in how to set-up links like what you have achieved. I would like to program my Honeywell Galaxy Dimension alarm panel to turn lighting circuit on with a lightsensor. Please may you share how to do this ? Thanks
  5. A dvr with alarm inputs can send emails etc. Depends on the model
  6. just wondering if you stock a piece of hardware which allows you to separately connect cameras and PIR sensors they don't really have to be connected together but would like remote notification of PIR sensing so cameras can be looked at
  7. ccsecwhs

    SPC4320 Kit list

    Hi Tech6, I am the client, DIY installation. All doors and windows in house are fully wired for sensors. Might need a wireless PIR though. Cheers
  8. Secware_Tech6

    SPC4320 Kit list

    Mix of rf and wired there could you give us your site info first? What does your client need?
  9. ccsecwhs

    SPC4320 Kit list

    Hi, I'm trying to put together a BOM / kit list of parts for an SPC4320 alarm. Need some help identifying compatible part numbers etc. Below is my first go at it. Would appreciate any tips. Cheers. Location Item Part Qty Utility Room Control Box 8-32zones SPC4320 1 Utility Room Backup Battery NP7.0-12 1 Utility Room 8 zone expander SPCE652.100 1 Utility Room 3G GSM receiver SPCN320 1 Hall Wired Keypad (inc card reader and audio) SPCK521.100-N 1 Hall Internal Sounder SO/PICCOLO/WH/G3 1 ExteriorFront External Sounder Backplate + Siren FPDELTAP2MOD+FPDELTA-BDB 1 ExteriorRear Dummy Bellbox FPDELTA-BDB 1 ExteriorFront + Exterior Rear External Sounder Cover FPDELTA-CW 2 Landing Wireless PIR Motion Sensor WPIR?? 1 4 downstairs openings Magnetic Contact with shock sensor GS-711 4 Remainder openings Magnetic Contact ELM_QST(GY) 14 Pockets KeyFobs IB47-DESFire-TR 6
  10. Secware_Tech6

    GJD Lights ON!!

    I would start by looking at the power supply that is feeding the control panel. What else is this supplying?
  11. HOW

    GJD Lights ON!!

    Hi - I have installed a GJD external lighting setup on a home. It has 4 zones. In the house there are two 2 zone wiring boxes and a 4 way control panel. These extend out to the garage where there is an additional wiring box for zone 1 and 2 and a remote 4 way control panel. This was all installed 2 years ago and has been working fine since. It is a great system. It has however just started causing a problem where the lights are coming on and staying on all the time. if you reset the system it will work for anything from 30 mins to 6 hours or so and then all the lights will come on usually for all 4 zones and stay on. They even come on for zone 3 which is off on the control panel. At this point if you touch either of the keypad controllers, they are locked up and just makes a strange noise. I know that there has been nothing that has changed on the install. Can anybody point me as to where the best place to start is please to troubleshoot this? Thanks
  12. Yes you could use any lock that has a key override with an electronic release. Your door type will dictate suitable locking solution's
  13. Hi all, I have a Honeywell GD48 intruder panel and want to start using door control access. I think i need a Honeywell C080 DCM so that should be fine and so I am seeking recommendations on an electronic door lock as well as a good quality Wiegand 8bit keypad for external mounting. Background to request: I have a son who 'forgets' to lock the door manually when he goes out so i am wanting to replace the lock with an electronic one which is connected to my Honeywell Dimension GD48 and to force my son to either gain entry by the wiegand keypad or by using his lock key(is there a dual lock solution where either physical key or entry through keypad is possible?). The alternative is to just throw my son out and take away his keys but i think this is a little harsh (joke)! Cheers for help. Chris
  14. Secware_Tech6

    Ticket Question [Outside alarm system?]

    you can use an external detector on chime such as the takex units or set an output to follow that circuit
  15. yes but the wireless extender is just for detectors
  16. I have just bought an Honeywell Galaxy G2-12 Panel & Proximity Keypad off you. I am looking for a Proximity Alarm for outside my house (I have one on my van). Is there such a device in case I have prowlers outside my house?
  17. Yes Inputs on any expander on the system can be programmed into any area. You can connect a keypad to the RS485 BUS as the expanders including in parallel with the ZEM32-WE.
  18. best way it to use a panel.
  19. Hi Thank you for that. The Optex and Takex look ideal, not sure what you mean by a "Monitoring Transmitter" ? I am looking for the beam detectors to go from normally closed then trigger some way of alerting the owner via mobile or landline of the alert - are there other ways of doing this? Many thanks Adam
  20. you want an active beam for detection. Take a look at the takex or Optex units. I don't like voice diallers as they are not polled a proper monitoring transmitter would be better imo
  21. Hi, Am just about to purchase the Pyronix V2 TEL PSTN Speech Dialler but thought I'd better ask here before I go ahead as I'm new to this area of work. My main work area is I.T and I'm working for a local farmer who has recently had a load of stuff stolen. He's asked if I can install something that would notify him of an intrusion to his lock-ups. His lock-ups have roller doors, 5 in total and we were thinking of a directional beam to fire across all the access doors in one line (they all open to one big storage room and there is a clear line of sight). When the beam breaks it would trigger the speech dialler to ring his house / mobile phone and notify him of the intrusion. I think the Pyronix is the right choice to meet his notification needs but I'm not sure about the intrusion sensor or what would be best to use? We thought a directional beam (A-B) would be best to only trigger on door entry as opposed to room occupancy sensor that looks at a larger area. I have yet to look at getting a landline to the unit but if that proves impossible, then the SIM option for the dialler should solve that problem. Any pointers would be appreciated Thank you and kind regards Adam
  22. Secware_Tech6

    [Ticket Question] i-on 50 How many keypads?

    you can definitely have 4 keypads but ill check the docs
  23. Secware_Tech6

    Ticket Question [Compatible]

    yes but id always advise 1 device to 1 circuit
  24. Eurosec CP7/CP8 panel to Pyronix FBDELTAE Sounder Box


    I need to connect the above and find the wiring connections confusing. Any help to clarify would be most welcome.

    Connections on Eurosec Panel are labelled


    Bell Hold-




    On Pyronix Sounder labelled






    12v +



    Thanks in anticipation.



  25. Secware2

    [Ticket Question] i-on 50 How many keypads?

    I need to put 4 wired expanders and 5 keypads
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