ESP AlertCam


AlertCam is a stand alone weather proof light switching passive infra-red detector with integral CCTV camera and built in video recording device.
On detection AlertCam will switch up to 500w of lighting directly for the unit and start storing clear still colour images at a rate of 2 shots per second for 20 seconds.

Alertcam also has the ability to send a wire free signal , at a distance of up to 65M, to any number of dedicated receiver devices. There are two types of optional device. AlertCamRA an alarm/chime device to inform occupants of activity outside or AlertCamRS a 240VAC unit that can be used to switch additional lighting up to 1500W or trigger other devices such as intruder alarm systems or voice diallers via a relay.

  • Model: ALERTCAM
  • Shipping Weight: 0.8 kgs
  • Manufactured by: Electronics Line
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