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Menvier 40 Hybrid 10 Zone End Station with Keypad

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  • Model: Menvier40KPZ
  • Shipping Weight: 6.26kgs
  • Manufactured by: Menvier
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The Menvier40 is a hybrid, PD6662:2010 Grade 2 or 3, control panel designed for domestic, commercial or industrial use. With its built-in webserver this panel is readily configured via a web browser which also provides a more flexible management interface.

The unit includes a steel end station containing the control panel PCB, power supply, sockets for an additional communication module, outputs for a plug-by communicator and space for a backup battery.

  • Webserver built-in
  • ARD (automatic remote diagnostics) fully supports remote servicing
  • Upload/Download compatible
  • Can accommodate up to 17ah battery
  • Three outputs including one clean relay
  • 16 communication outputs
  • Ten FSL zones, expandable to 40
  • Five custom outputs
  • Five shunt groups
  • Speech dialler plug-on option

BS8243 compliant


Built-in web server


Maximum  zones

40 (10 wired 30 hybrid)



Maximum bus devices


Plug-by outputs


Total number of log events



Digi-modem built-in

Setting options

Part set  (3)  or wards (5)

Power supply

1.5 Amp

Local port



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