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Proximity Readers

Proximity Readers

Prox readers are the non-contact type readers and have replaced mag-swipe as the access system of choice in most systems

£178.00 Ex VAT
The ProxPro proximity card reader's weatherproof design and architecturally attractive enclosure allows easy mounting indoors or out. The ProxPro...
HID ProxPro Reader Charcoal Grey, Terminal Connections

£19.92 Ex VAT
ACT ISO Proximity Card   Suitable for printing Supplied in pack of 10 Max range of up to 8cm RFID Radio Frequency Identification...
ACT Prox ISO-B Pack of 10 Batch Cards (125 kHz)

£135.24 Ex VAT
Miniprox Proximity Reader, charcoal grey with terminal connections Accepts 5- to 16-volts, meeting most voltage requirements. Available with Wiegand...
HID Miniprox reader terminal Connections

£122.00 Ex VAT
iCLASS readers offer an open architecture design permitting compatibility with many of the most popular cards in the market, which comply with ISO...
HID R30 Reader 6110

£97.80 Ex VAT
The ACT5prox Digital Keypad with Proximity is a simple to use and easy to install standalone access control product. Each unit is contained in a...
ACT 5 Standalone Digital keypad and Proximty

£137.14 Ex VAT
Product Overview The ACTsmart2 1080 is extremely attractive in design and is built of rugged polycarbonate with stainless steel keys.This pin and...
ACTsmart2 1080 Keypad/prox

£575.00 Ex VAT
The bioCLASS products provide three levels of fingerprint verification. During the enrollment process, the RWKLB575 is connected to your PC via a USB...
HID bioCLASS Biometric Keypad Smart Card Reader

£97.49 Ex VAT
The ACTpro-X 1030 slimline Proximity Reader is used to read data stored on proximity cards or fobs. The data is passed to the ACTpro 1000 / ACTpro...
ACT Pro-X 1030 Multiformat Proximity Mullion Reader

£202.56 Ex VAT
Description The PR500-Cotag reads Vanderbilt unique Cotag cards and tags (both active and passive) which offer ultimate convenience and...
Siemens PR500-Cotag Cotag - Mullion card reader

£202.56 Ex VAT
PR500-EM Card reader EM proximity reader Card read distance up to 10 cm Slim neat design The PR500-EM reads EM4102 cards (also known as Miro or...
Siemens PR500-EM - Card reader

£163.96 Ex VAT
Description The addition of proximity reader cutout to the panel includes an industry standard 40mm square cutout with studs at 49mm square. Reader...
Videx 4 Button Audio VR Panel for VX2200

£0.80 Ex VAT
Videx Proximity card for Videx Access Control Systems. 2X - VProx Card
VIdex 955/c Proximity Card

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